I’ve wanted to share my simple design tricks with friends and coworkers for many years. People ask me for advice or quick fixes they can do themselves and I think … “I really need a place where I can just share these simple tricks.” While it has taken me a long time to take the plunge away from full-time corporate design work and focus on building a graphic design firm tailored to corporate businesses I’m happy to welcome you all to my dream.

In the weeks to come I will be adding regular articles discussing graphic design, social media, web design and other small business topics that I hope you all will enjoy. From do-it-yourself design options, document formatting fixes, to challenges with social media and how to optimize your blogs and websites – no topic is off limits.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

I don’t believe in hiding my design secrets, in fact I love showing my clients how they can do quick fixes without me. That way I can focus on the more complicated design and document projects and we both work quicker and more efficiently. Especially for something that can be changed with a simple click of a button!

So for the do-it-yourself designers out there I will share some apps, websites and other interesting tools to help you build your own graphics. For bloggers I will have some great wordpress plug-ins you will love, some tips on working with brands and how you can automate your social media to give yourself more time to focus on your writing and cover some other useful blogging topics to help you take your blogs to success.

For my corporate and small business clients I will share some great Microsoft Office tricks, document formatting tips, social media solutions and even some great Desktop and Design promotions to save you time and money!

Resources Page Coming Soon

I’m also building a resource page with all the great tools I use in my day to day operations. This page will have lists of useful items to help you manage social media, create your own do-it-yourself designs, choose wordpress plug-ins and find creative resources like fonts, and royalty-free images.

If you’d like to subscribe to these articles you can do so below and I’d love to hear about any topics or questions you’d like me to answer in a future post.

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