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Brand, Templates & Graphic Design

Microsoft Office Templates • Interactive Brochures & Presentations • PowerPoint Slides, Presentations & Templates • Logo Design • Brand Identity • Brand Asset Management 

Brand Design and Asset Management

Asset Management

Implement systems to centralize, categorize & distribute brand assets across the company.

Visual Identity

Oversee consistent use of brand elements, including logos, images, typography & colour schemes.

Brand Guidelines

Collaborate with teams to develop & update templates which align with evolving strategies.

Usage Monitoring

Track asset usage and  provide insights to optimize brand utilization across the company.

Templafy Platform Design and Administration

For companies that create a lot of presentations the Templafy platform is designed for document template management and brand compliance. As an administrator of this platform, I have worked closely with stakeholders to understand template requirements, ensure consistent branding, and optimize document workflows. I have created hundreds of slide layouts 

Taking Presentations to the Next Level

By merging graphic design principles with technical proficiency in PowerPoint, I aim to enhance the caliber and influence of presentations. I’ve crafted numerous slide layouts and presentation templates, diligently aligning them with brand guidelines to uphold brand consistency and create a unified and easily recognizable visual identity. Going beyond visual appeal, I specialize in simplifying complex concepts, employing strategic organization and readability to make information more visually appealing. Additionally, I leverage animations and interactive features to further engage the audience, ensuring a dynamic and compelling presentation experience.

These Design Skills and More


MS Office Documents

I can set up styles in your most complex word documents and get those automated table of contents working like a breeze! I will also be happy to show you how it works!


Office Templates

Did you know Microsoft Office software can be automated to include your  branding? Let me customize your office theme and templates with your colours, fonts and, styles.

PowerPoint Presentations

Engage your audience and nail your next presentation with formatted slides filled with a consistent look and feel and awesome infographics. Best part: you take all the credit!

Corporate Identity

I can’t wait to hear all about your  business! Let’s customize a logo designed with your business in mind vs creating one with a designer that uses logo templates and clip art.

Marketing Materials

Your brochures enable you to tell your story and convince customers to choose you over the competition so let me help you put your best foot forward with customized marketing materials.


Marketing today has a show don’t tell approach. In presentations, documents, and on your website show your messages with infographics that deliver the message clearly .

Let’s Connect

I’m passionate about helping organizations unlock the full potential of their brand assets and maintain a strong and consistent brand presence. If you’re interested in a Senior Brand Designer or Brand Asset Manager who can safeguard your brand’s visual identity, let’s connect and discuss how I can support your brand’s success.