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3 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand out from the Rest

As the owner of numerous websites and an avid blogger, I know that hiring a designer to create your personal blog's look and feel or to enhance posts on your business blog, may not be feasible when you have no budget! However, it doesn't mean your blog and posts have...

A Beginners Guide to Instagram for Adults

Have you downloaded the Instagram application and opened an Instagram account but never used it? Many adults are baffled by Instagram and how it all works. They ask questions like: how do I use this app? What are these hashtags and how do I find them? Why do my photos...

How to Hire a Great Graphic Designer

Where Can I Find an Experienced Graphic Designer? The first challenge in hiring a designer is where do you find them? By far the best way is through a recommendation by someone who has used their services before. But when you can't find a recommended designer what...

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