Where Can I Find an Experienced Graphic Designer?

The first challenge in hiring a designer is where do you find them? By far the best way is through a recommendation by someone who has used their services before. But when you can’t find a recommended designer what should you do and where should you look? Here are some helpful tips on how to hire a great graphic designer.

Referrals and Recommendations

By far the best way to get a graphic designer is by asking people you know if they used a designer. LinkedIn is a great place to make connections with your network’s graphic designers. Send out feelers to your friends, colleagues and suppliers and ask them if they know someone who can work on your project. Find graphic designers through LinkedIn search and look to see if they have testimonials and recommendations on their profile.

Creative Talent Agencies

If you can’t get a referral or recommendation then best ask the experts. Another great resource for finding graphic and/or web designers is contacting a recruiter or talent agency that specializes in creative professionals. They will determine the level of designer you need a help brokerage the right designer for your project. You don’t have to hire a full-time designer either, you can hire someone on a project by project basis. This route may end up costing more than hiring your own freelance designer, but you will have the piece of mind that if you are not satisfied with the designer you like then the agency can switch them out easily with someone else.


Questions You Should Ask a Graphic Designer Before You Hire Them

Have you worked on this type of project before?

A graphic designer should be able to share with you experiences that make them a great fit for your project. Can they share examples of this work? Do they understand your niche and company needs? Just because they designed something for an online business doesn’t mean they will be able to design with your own needs in mind. Make sure to ask questions about your niche and your expectations and don’t hire someone who doesn’t have the right answers.


What is the graphic design process for this project?

You need to know how the designer works in order to have the right one working for you. What is their process for design? How many variations will you get in the beginning? How many revisions? The more you know about the process the less likely you will incur extra costs and be frustrated by the results.

How long will it take?

As a designer I always hate this question, but you have to give your clients some form of timeline for their project. How long it takes will generally depend on how many revisions the client will need, are they able to communicate their needs and desires, or do they need many creative variations to get to their end result? But the designer should lay this information out. How long it will take them for the initial first draft of design, how much time they will give the client to receive feedback and based on previous experience a general idea of how long this project should take.

How much will it cost?

You need to know what you are getting into before you hire a designer. Know how the designer will charge you. Some designers will choose a lump sum fee based on the project giving you initial design, a set number of revisions, and then the final artwork. Others may bill you by the hour depending on the complexity of the project. You should know what your design project includes in terms of the designer’s time and how much it will cost if you need more revisions or extra time. You should also know about extra costs, such as research, purchasing of images and how these costs will be charged by the designer.

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