Customized Logos and Corporate Identity

We can’t wait to hear all about your new business! That way we can customize logo designs to your tastes vs. watching you choose a logo from a designer that uses templates and clip art.

Marketing Materials that Deliver Results

Your brochures enable you to tell your story and convince customers to choose you over the competition so let us help you put your best foot forward with customized marketing materials.

Worry Free Graphic Design

Corporate clients have deadlines that change at a moment’s notice. You needed it yesterday? We will do our best to find the creative solutions that will work with you timelines.

Toronto Graphic Design Company Focussed on Business Solutions

Sometimes you need more than a Word document to present information to your clients. Maybe a quarterly report, a special brochure or an invitation to an event your running. Wouldn’t it be great to have a graphic designer you can call to help out with those creative projects?

Did you say you needed it yesterday?

Custom Graphics and Infographics

Today’s digital marketing campaigns need graphics that move from the printed page onto downloadable web documents and into various social media posts. Every social media channel has a different post size and this can make producing your own graphics time-consuming.

Desktop and Design creates customized graphics that tell your story. From financial results to process charts we can create professional graphics quickly and insert them into your presentations and proposals. We can also adjust the sizes so you can use them on your websites and social media channels.

Print Document Design

When a Microsoft Word document just won’t deliver the results you need, we can create print design layouts that help you stand at the head of the pack. Whether you need brochures, newsletters, advertisements, invitations or other marketing materials we can help you meet your marketing goals with customized design solutions.

Corporate Branding and Logo Design

Every business needs a logo and a business card, but what differentiates you from the competition is a solid customized look for your company. Desktop and Design’s brand design services will help you dress your corporate identity to impress. Your customized logo is just the beginning! Let’s talk about your fonts, colours and document themes to create a corporate brand you will love no matter the size of your business.

Need a creative boost? We are here to help!