Presentations that make an Impact

Engage your audience and nail your next presentation with formatted slides filled with a consistent look and feel and awesome infographics. Best part: you take all the credit!


Table of Contents all Wonky?

We can set up the styles in your most complex word documents and get those automated tables working like a breeze! We’d be happy to show you how it works!

Financial Documents are our Specialty

We can help you deliver the financial results with clean corporate branded materials. We know, you needed it yesterday! So call us today!

Desktop Publishing vs. Graphic Design

We understand your corporate documents don’t always need expensive graphic solutions. Not all document need to be formatted like an annual report, but that doesn’t mean that your day-to-day office documents can’t look good too!

On a deadline? Your documents are as good as done!

Office Theme Branding Solutions

Imagine the next time you open up PowerPoint the first thing you see is your customized corporate template. All you need to do is start typing! Sound to good to be true?

Did you know you can automate your Microsoft Office software to include your company’s branding? An easy feature that hardly any companies take advantage of. We can help you customize office themes and templates with your colours, fonts and styles and help you set these up company wide.

Presentations that Pop

We know you need to spend your time getting the content right for your big presentation. So let us take care of making it look good. From customized infographics, charts and images to making sure the fonts and colours are consistent throughout, we can optimize your presentations to make you look good on the big day.

Professional Word Documents

Why pay the same price for document formatting and print design layouts? We know that sometimes you need to work in Microsoft Word but that doesn’t mean your documents can’t look great! When you need creative Word document solutions we can help.

Have an HR manual or policy document and can’t get the table of contents to work? Does Microsoft Word’s number feature have you baffled? Let us help you set up the styles in your word document to make large policy document updates a breeze!

Financial Graphics that Deliver Results

Make an impact with your tables and graphs and deliver the financial news with formatted excel charts and tables. Don’t rely on Excel defaults when trying to impress your clients, let us help you design excel sheets that match your company’s brand.

Inspire confidence during your next pitch with a financial presentation that looks like your very own in-house graphic department’s creation. Your presentations can look as good as the big bank’s presentation – and it won’t cost nearly as much!

You needed it yesterday? Call us today!