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Brand Identity and Design

Brand Identity • Logo Design • Colour Palette •  Typography • Template Design  • Brand Guidelines • Asset Management 

Creative Process

My creative process for brand design involves thorough research, strategic thinking, and innovative design, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonates authentically with the target audience and stands out in the market.

Brand Design Process

Discovery & Research

Understand vision, goals, target audience. Study industry trends, competition and market positioning. Review current assets and needs.

Concept Development

Create visual collages to convey the look and feel of the new brand. Create multiple concept ideas and different creative directions.


Design and Refine

Develop and refine logo concepts, colour palette and typography. Present and gather feedback. Test elements in real world samples.

Implementation Strategy

Develop brand guideline document. Produce final versions of all brand assets (in all formats required). Prepare timeline of launch execution and review with key stakeholders.

Finalize & Launch

Assist with the launch of the new brand, providing support for marketing campaigns, website updates, and other rollout activities.

Evaluate & Support

Monitor brand performance post-launch, analyzing metrics like stakeholder and customer feedback, brand recognition and market impact.

Case Study

The Culinary Farm

It’s mission was to promote regenerative farming and eating practices through on-farm, hands-on experiences. Their goal was to inspire guests to think critically about the food they eat while nourishing their bodies, hearts, consciences and minds.


Brand & Logo Design

Website Design

Marketing Materials

The Brand Challenge

Combine the ideas from a future thinking farmer with those of his culinary wife. Give this multi-generation farm family a platform to share their farm experiences. Colours were pulled from the farm’s images with green and brown used in the logo while the website pulled red and black features from the many buildings on the farm.

Website Strategy & Design

After we narrowed down the logo options several web page mockups were created to help the family see their brand in action. We had discussions on pages they would need, user experience and navigation and the use of professional photography.

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I’m passionate about helping organizations unlock the full potential of their brand assets and maintain a strong and consistent brand presence. If you’re interested in a Senior Brand Designer or Brand Asset Manager who can safeguard your brand’s visual identity, let’s connect and discuss how I can support your brand’s success.