As the owner of numerous websites and an avid blogger, I know that hiring a designer to create your personal blog’s look and feel or to enhance posts on your business blog, may not be feasible when you have no budget! However, it doesn’t mean your blog and posts have to look like a dog’s breakfast. Once you have chosen your blog’s template, a few simple good design practices will make your blog stand out from the rest!

How to Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest

Blogs can be part of your business’ website or a personal blog website made up of posts. It doesn’t matter really what type of blogger you are, how often you post articles to your blog or the nature of your content these basic design principals will elevate the appearance of your blog and increase readership.

1. Be Consistent – Across the Board! You are a Brand!

When I say be consistent, I am not talking about how many posts you can cram into a week. I’m talking about visual design consistency. Choose your colours (usually to compliment the ones in your logo) choose your fonts (1-2 max) and then use them everywhere.

Colours: You don’t have to be Picasso here. Start with the main colour in your logo and choose a complimentary colour or two for shading or headlines.

Fonts: Be consistent with the use of your fonts. Choose a clean, bold font for headings and an easy to read font for body text. Stick with web friendly fonts that are easy to read and not too fancy.

Imagery:  Use the same graphics, so people will recognize you no matter where they see you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a blog and clicked on their twitter link to see an entirely different look and feel on their Twitter profile. For a second I think – oh this is the wrong link? Your website’s branding should extend to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn company page profiles. Make sure you use the right sizing for each social channel, so you have a professional look across all profiles.

You should regularly use the same colours, font formats, thumbnails, image sizes throughout your blog and social media pages – your readers will become accustomed to your style and respond to it better.

keep it simple don't over complicate graphics in your blog

2. Keep it Simple!

Simple is ALWAYS better! If you put too much art on a page, it can look like graphic barf. I know that sounds harsh, but I see it all the time – 10 different fonts, pictures scattered everywhere, squiggly designs all on one social media graphic! Applying every design technique you see at once is overwhelming, busy and while you think it may be funky ask yourself – is it helping your blog? Using a different Canva technique on each image, you share with your audience is only going to confuse them and show you have no particular blog brand! So pick fonts and styles you like and stick with them!

As a designer I’ve said this 1000 times, so I will say it again – the best graphic design tips for bloggers to remember:

  • Choose 1-2 fonts maximum per website
  • Pick a colour scheme of complementary colours
  • Use good photos and images

3 ways to make your blog stand out from the rest

3.  Break up your content

There are many ways to break up the content on your page. Keep sentences short and follow some of these suggestions to help break up the text and make your posts easier to read.

Use headings and subheadings:

A title can break up a long post and call out information that may keep your reader from closing the page before they read the post! That said – don’t over do it. A main heading and sub-heading style is probably enough. You rarely won’t need more than four levels of different heading styles on a blog post! Break up your content naturally using headings don’t over do it!

Use Photos: This is obvious people like visual graphics on blogs. So great photos either stock photography or photos you’ve taken yourself is visually more appealing for your readers.

There are many ways to break up the content on your page to make you look better and to make your posts easier to read.

Use Call Outs or Lists: 

  • Bulleted lists break up the post making it simpler to read.
  • 20 paragraphs of text can be overwhelming for someone looking for a quick answer!
  • Have natural graphic breaks in your post using images or graphics.
  • Look more professional

That’s my design lecture for today! Three easy things to remember when working on your blog to make it stand out from the rest of the pack!

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